10 Best Buys for a Fourth of July Party from Trader Joe’s for Under $20

1. Organic Hot Dogs: $5.99 for 10oz - Made with USDA certified organic beef from grass-fed cows for a delicious summer BBQ.

2. Angus C.B.P. Ground Beef Patties: $9.99 for 21.2oz - 75% lean and 25% fat, perfect for juicy and tender burgers.

3. Beef Rib Eye Steak: $13.99 per pound - High-end 100% Angus beef from Argentina and Brazil, ideal for impressing guests.

4. Wild Caught Cod Fillets: $10.99 per pound - Versatile wild-caught fillets for steaming, sautéing, baking, or blackening.

5. Vegan Buffalo Style Dip: $3.99 for 9oz - A spicy vegan dip made from cauliflower, red peppers, and carrots.

6. Mushroom & Black Truffle Flatbread: $5.49 for 9oz - Features rare truffles and mozzarella cheese from Italy, ready in ten minutes.

7. Super Sweet Fresh Corn: $3.99 for 20oz - A summer staple that pairs well with chili powder, cumin, cotija cheese, and lime.

8. Organic Baked Tofu Teriyaki Flavor: $3.99 for 7oz - A ready-to-eat, grilled alternative for non-meat eaters.

9. Single Origin Organic Coconut Water: $2.29 for 10 fl oz - Refreshing coconut water from Thailand’s Ratchaburi Province.

10. Chocolate Lava Cakes: $3.79 for 7.6oz - Rich, creamy chocolate ganache cakes ready in under a minute.

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