8 Healthy Grocery Items Frugal People Buy at Costco

1. Oatmeal: Quaker Oats Old Fashioned, 10-pound bag for $14.99 at Costco, 13¢ per serving, no preservatives.

2. Almond Butter: Kirkland Signature Almond Butter, 27-ounce jar for $6.69 at Costco, made with just roasted almonds.

3. Cashews: Kirkland Signature Unsalted Cashews, 2.5-pound bag for $14.99 at Costco, resealable for long-term use.

4. Quinoa: Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa, 4.5-pound bag for $10.99 at Costco, full of fiber and vitamins.

5. Protein Shakes: Premier Protein Shakes, 18-pack for $29.99 at Costco, gluten-free with 25 vitamins and minerals.

6. Smoothies: Clovis Farms Organic Super Smoothie, 6-pack of 8-ounce bags for $12.49 at Costco, 100 calories each.

7. Albacore Wild Tuna: Wild-caught canned tuna at Costco, high in protein and omega-3s, low in mercury.

8. Millet and Brown Rice Ramen: Lotus Foods Organic Millet and Brown Rice Ramen at Costco, under $10.

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