Costco Is Raising Prices: 3 Unexpected Items That Will Cost More Money This Year

Despite inflation slowing to 3.4% in April, Costco has raised prices on some items and more hikes might be coming.

The club isn’t raising prices on everything. Prices on some items, like furniture, have dropped due to lower freight costs.

However, some staples have seen price increases that surprised members.

Kirkland Signature organic extra virgin olive oil prices went up, with one store in Brooklyn seeing a jump from $16.99 to $24.99.

Costco gas prices, usually 30 to 50 cents cheaper than other stations, have recently increased to improve profit margins.

During his last earnings call, the CFO hinted at a possible price increase for Costco memberships for the first time since 2017.

If it happens, the Gold membership might go up by $5 and the Executive membership by $10, which gives 2% cashback on most purchases.

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