Dollar Tree: 7 New Items You Might Want to Avoid in July

1. Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap is cheaper at Target at $0.14 per ounce compared to $0.17 per ounce at Dollar Tree.

2. Scrubbing Bubbles Drop-Ins are $1.16 per tablet at Target but $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

3. Sure and Free Panty Liners have complaints about quality, so it’s better to invest in a higher quality product.

4. Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP White Cheddar Popcorn costs $0.83 per ounce at Dollar Tree but only $0.76 per ounce at Walmart.

5. Act II Movie Theater Butter Microwave Popcorn is $0.42 per bag at Dollar Tree but $0.39 per bag at Walmart.

6. Plastic Halloween Human Skeleton Hands are $1.25 each at Dollar Tree but $1.12 each on Amazon.

7. Halloween-themed drink cups at Dollar Tree are $1.25 each, but it’s better to wait until you have a headcount for your party.

While Dollar Tree offers convenient deals, shopping around at other stores like Target, Walmart, or Amazon can often save you more money in the long run.

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