Grade 12 Quantitative Research Topics for Senior High School Students in the Philippines

Grade 12 Quantitative Research Topics for Senior High School Students in the Philippines

Choosing the right research topic is crucial for senior high school students, especially for those in Grade 12 who are preparing for college. Quantitative research that involves collecting and analyzing numerical data to understand the patterns, relationships, and trends.

Here in this blog we have written the top 200 grade 12 quantitative research topics for senior high school students in the Philippines.

200 Grade 12 Quantitative Research Topics for Senior High School Students in the Philippines


  1. Impact of Online Learning on Student Performance
  2. Effectiveness of Peer Tutoring in Mathematics
  3. Correlation Between Study Habits and Academic Achievement
  4. Influence of Class Size on Student Engagement
  5. Relationship Between Attendance and Grades
  6. Impact of School Facilities on Learning Outcomes
  7. Effects of Homework on Student Performance
  8. Gender Differences in Science Achievement
  9. Role of Technology in Enhancing Learning
  10. Effect of Extracurricular Activities on Academic Performance
  11. Impact of Inclusive Education on Student Outcomes
  12. Effects of Early Childhood Education on Later Academic Success
  13. Relationship Between Classroom Environment and Learning
  14. Influence of School Leadership on Teacher Performance
  15. Impact of Educational Games on Learning
  16. Role of Parental Education on Student Achievement
  17. Effects of Flipped Classrooms on Student Engagement
  18. Influence of Bilingual Education on Language Development
  19. Relationship Between Teacher-Student Ratio and Learning
  20. Impact of School Counseling Services on Student Well-being

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Health and Wellness

  1. Prevalence of Obesity Among Teenagers
  2. Impact of Physical Activity on Mental Health
  3. Correlation Between Sleep Patterns and Academic Performance
  4. Effects of Junk Food Consumption on Health
  5. Influence of Social Media on Teenagers’ Body Image
  6. Prevalence of Depression Among High School Students
  7. Effects of Smoking on Respiratory Health
  8. Relationship Between Diet and Academic Performance
  9. Impact of Stress on High School Students
  10. Correlation Between Screen Time and Physical Activity
  11. Correlation Between Nutrition and Cognitive Performance
  12. Impact of Mental Health Programs on Student Behavior
  13. Effects of Substance Use on Academic Performance
  14. Relationship Between Physical Fitness and Mental Health
  15. Influence of Health Education on Lifestyle Choices
  16. Impact of Peer Support on Mental Health
  17. Effects of Chronic Illness on Student Attendance
  18. Relationship Between Hygiene Practices and Health
  19. Influence of Vaccination Programs on Student Health
  20. Impact of Yoga and Meditation on Stress Levels


  1. Influence of Social Media on Academic Performance
  2. Effect of Mobile Phones on Classroom Learning
  3. Role of E-books in Improving Reading Skills
  4. Impact of Video Games on Cognitive Skills
  5. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education
  6. Effect of Internet Accessibility on Learning
  7. Relationship Between Technology Use and Sleep Quality
  8. Impact of Cyberbullying on Student Well-being
  9. Influence of Online Learning Platforms on Education
  10. Effectiveness of Educational Apps
  11. Effects of Digital Literacy Programs on Student Skills
  12. Impact of Wearable Technology on Health Monitoring
  13. Influence of Educational Software on Learning Outcomes
  14. Relationship Between Internet Use and Social Skills
  15. Impact of Augmented Reality on Education
  16. Effects of Technology on Reading Habits
  17. Influence of Smart Classrooms on Teaching Methods
  18. Impact of Cloud Computing on Educational Access
  19. Relationship Between Online Security Awareness and Safety
  20. Effects of Technology Integration on Teacher Performance


  1. Awareness of Climate Change Among Students
  2. Impact of Plastic Use on Environmental Pollution
  3. Effectiveness of Recycling Programs in Schools
  4. Correlation Between Air Quality and Respiratory Health
  5. Influence of Environmental Education on Student Behavior
  6. Effects of Urbanization on Local Ecosystems
  7. Relationship Between Water Pollution and Public Health
  8. Impact of Deforestation on Biodiversity
  9. Role of Renewable Energy in Reducing Carbon Footprint
  10. Perception of Students on Sustainable Practices
  11. Impact of School Gardening Programs on Student Awareness
  12. Effects of Energy Conservation Programs on School Budget
  13. Relationship Between Green Spaces and Student Well-being
  14. Influence of Environmental Campaigns on Student Behavior
  15. Impact of Water Conservation Programs on Resource Use
  16. Effects of Waste Management Programs in Schools
  17. Relationship Between Environmental Policies and School Practices
  18. Influence of Air Quality on School Attendance
  19. Impact of Climate Change Education on Student Awareness
  20. Effects of Sustainable Practices on School Operations

Social Issues

  1. Prevalence of Bullying in Schools
  2. Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Academic Performance
  3. Influence of Family Background on Student Achievement
  4. Effect of Peer Pressure on Adolescent Behavior
  5. Relationship Between Parental Involvement and Academic Success
  6. Impact of Teenage Pregnancy on Education
  7. Effects of Substance Abuse on Student Performance
  8. Role of Community Programs in Youth Development
  9. Influence of Media on Teenager’s Perception of Violence
  10. Correlation Between Crime Rates and School Safety
  11. Impact of Social Justice Programs on Student Awareness
  12. Effects of Anti-bullying Campaigns on School Culture
  13. Relationship Between Social Inclusion and Student Performance
  14. Influence of Cultural Diversity on Classroom Dynamics
  15. Impact of Civic Education on Student Engagement
  16. Effects of Peer Mediation Programs on Conflict Resolution
  17. Relationship Between Gender Equality Programs and Student Perception
  18. Influence of Media Literacy on Social Awareness
  19. Impact of Community Service on Student Development
  20. Effects of LGBTQ+ Support Programs on School Climate

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  1. Impact of Part-time Jobs on Student Performance
  2. Effect of Financial Literacy Programs on Saving Behavior
  3. Influence of Family Income on Educational Attainment
  4. Relationship Between Economic Conditions and Student Enrollment
  5. Effects of Scholarships on Academic Achievement
  6. Role of School Funding in Educational Quality
  7. Impact of Microfinance on Youth Entrepreneurship
  8. Influence of Economic Policies on Education
  9. Effect of Inflation on Student Expenses
  10. Correlation Between Economic Growth and Education Access
  11. Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Student Skills
  12. Effects of Economic Incentives on Academic Performance
  13. Relationship Between Family Savings and Education Investment
  14. Influence of Economic Downturns on Student Enrollment
  15. Impact of Financial Aid on College Attendance
  16. Effects of Economic Disparities on Educational Access
  17. Relationship Between Employment Rates and Education Choices
  18. Influence of Economic Stability on School Resources
  19. Impact of Consumer Education on Financial Behavior
  20. Effects of Economic Policies on School Funding

Science and Technology

  1. Influence of STEM Education on Career Choices
  2. Impact of Robotics Competitions on Student Skills
  3. Role of Laboratory Experiments in Science Learning
  4. Effectiveness of Virtual Labs in Education
  5. Relationship Between Science Fairs and Academic Interest
  6. Impact of Scientific Research on Technological Innovations
  7. Influence of Astronomy Education on Student Interest
  8. Role of Environmental Science Projects in Learning
  9. Effects of Biotechnology on Agriculture
  10. Perception of Students on Space Exploration
  11. Impact of Science Clubs on Student Interest
  12. Effects of Technology Competitions on Innovation
  13. Relationship Between Science Literacy and Career Choices
  14. Influence of Space Science Education on Student Interest
  15. Impact of Renewable Energy Projects on Learning
  16. Effects of Biotechnology Education on Career Aspirations
  17. Relationship Between Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
  18. Influence of STEM Programs on Gender Representation
  19. Impact of Environmental Science Projects on Student Awareness
  20. Effects of Technology Integration on Science Learning

Culture and Society

  1. Influence of Cultural Festivals on Student Awareness
  2. Impact of Traditional Practices on Modern Education
  3. Role of Language in Shaping Cultural Identity
  4. Effects of Multicultural Education on Student Behavior
  5. Relationship Between Art Education and Creativity
  6. Influence of Historical Events on Student Perception
  7. Impact of Music Education on Cognitive Development
  8. Role of Cultural Heritage in Education
  9. Effectiveness of Cultural Exchange Programs
  10. Influence of Literature on Social Awareness
  11. Impact of Cultural Awareness Programs on Student Behavior
  12. Effects of Language Preservation Programs on Cultural Identity
  13. Relationship Between Art Education and Cultural Understanding
  14. Influence of Historical Education on Student Perspective
  15. Impact of Music Programs on Social Skills
  16. Effects of Dance Education on Physical Fitness
  17. Relationship Between Drama Education and Emotional Intelligence
  18. Influence of Literature Studies on Social Perception
  19. Impact of Heritage Education on Cultural Preservation
  20. Effects of Multicultural Programs on School Culture


  1. Impact of Sports Participation on Academic Performance
  2. Role of Physical Education in Promoting Health
  3. Effects of Competitive Sports on Student Behavior
  4. Relationship Between Team Sports and Social Skills
  5. Influence of Coaching Styles on Athlete Performance
  6. Impact of Sports Injuries on Student Life
  7. Correlation Between Physical Fitness and Academic Achievement
  8. Role of School Sports Programs in Student Development
  9. Effects of Nutrition on Athletic Performance
  10. Influence of Sports Psychology on Performance
  11. Impact of Sports Scholarships on Academic Motivation
  12. Effects of Athletic Training Programs on Performance
  13. Relationship Between Sports Participation and Time Management
  14. Influence of Sports Events on School Spirit
  15. Impact of Coaching Education on Athletic Success
  16. Effects of Physical Education on Student Health
  17. Relationship Between Team Sports and Leadership Skills
  18. Influence of Athlete Role Models on Student Behavior
  19. Impact of Sports Medicine Programs on Injury Prevention
  20. Effects of Sports Psychology on Athlete Performance


  1. Impact of Volunteerism on Student Development
  2. Role of Leadership Programs in Building Skills
  3. Effects of School Uniform Policies on Student Behavior
  4. Influence of Peer Mentoring on Personal Growth
  5. Relationship Between Creativity and Academic Success
  6. Impact of Debate Programs on Critical Thinking Skills
  7. Role of School Libraries in Promoting Reading
  8. Effects of Drama Education on Communication Skills
  9. Influence of Student Councils on School Policies
  10. Impact of Career Guidance Programs on Future Choices
  11. Impact of Student Government on School Policy
  12. Effects of Peer Leadership Programs on Student Development
  13. Relationship Between Creativity Workshops and Academic Performance
  14. Influence of Debate Clubs on Critical Thinking
  15. Impact of Career Exploration Programs on Student Choices
  16. Effects of School Uniforms on Student Identity
  17. Relationship Between Volunteer Programs and Community Engagement
  18. Influence of Media Clubs on Communication Skills
  19. Impact of School Safety Programs on Student Perception
  20. Effects of Student-Teacher Relationships on Learning Outcomes

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Final Words

These topics cover a a big range of interests and areas, providing ample opportunities for students to explore and conduct meaningful quantitative research. Choosing the right topic that aligns with personal interests and academic goals can make the research process more engaging and rewarding.

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